October 5, 2022

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The Best Promising Digital Assets For Novice Investors To Start With

There hasn’t been such a great time to be a novice investor since the dot com bubble burst, sending the stock market tumbling. If you had taken a healthy position in any of the big name stocks back then, you’d probably be set for life today — or at least ready to retire.

Well, here we are again at a similar time in the history of markets. It’s looking like we’re at or near the bottom. If you’re a novice investor with an interest in blockchain tech, then now is your time. Here are three promising digital assets for your consideration.

Uniglo (GLO) – diversified investing made simple

Uniglo is a DeFi platform that makes long-term crypto investing simple, safe, and productive — a great combination for novice investors — or any investors for that matter. All you have to do to get exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets is buy and hold the GLO token. Potential investments also include NFTs and tokenized real-world assets such as gold, fine art, rarities, collectibles, and even real estate. In fact, anything that can be tokenized is fair game.

All decisions on what assets to invest in are made by all GLO holders as a community. However, it’s not a requirement to participate. You could just sit back and watch your stack grow in value.

The best part about Uniglo is that the GLO token is eternally deflationary. The circulating supply of the token will be shrinking forever. This is due to a double burn mechanism. The community can choose to burn as many or as few tokens as needed to keep the price stable. Meanwhile, the treasury of assets is constantly growing.

You can get in on GLO before the platform even launches. In fact, it’s a good idea to get in now since you’ll be getting a nice discount on your stack. visit Uniglo.io to learn more and to join the Uniglo community.

Bitcoin (BTC) — a must-have cryptocurrency

If you haven’t taken a position on Bitcoin yet, you’re fortunate. Many holders paid three times the current price when BTC was at its all-time high. So if you’re a novice investor you’re coming along at just the right time. With literally trillions of dollars of institutional money chomping at the bit waiting for regulations to be ironed out, the next two decades are bound to be explosive. Taking a position now could bring your family life-changing generational wealth.

Avalanche (AVAX) — a blockchain for financial applications

Avalanche (AVAX) is a smart contract blockchain launched in 2020. The platform was built specifically to support DeFi projects and can process 4,500 transactions per second for near-instantaneous confirmation.

Avalanche is actually comprised of three different blockchains. Each provides a special function. The Platform Chain, or P-chain, enables developers to build decentralized platforms. The Contract Chain runs smart contracts. And the Exchange Chain, also known as X-Chain, is the distributed ledger. By breaking up these activities into separate blockchains, Avalanche has built a network that is very agile and a favorite of DeFi developers. With DeFi applications exploding, AVAX bound to be growing for many years to come.

The price of AVAX has doubled already since mid-June. There’s a good chance that it could surpass its all-time highs from last fall in the next few years which would double the price twice more (4X from here).