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Shiba Inu Bags Bistamp Listing As Adoption Trend Continues

Shiba Inu has maintained its adoption streak even through unfavorable market conditions. The cryptocurrency which has been the breakout star of 2021 has bagged listings across the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and is making its way down. This time around, the meme coin is listed on Bitstamp, the 13th largest crypto exchange by trading volume.

Shiba Inu Debuts On Bitstamp

In a statement posted on its blog on Wednesday, Bitstamp announced that it would be listing Shiba Inu alongside three other digital assets. The listing comes after much anticipation from the meme coin community which has been pushing for more adoption across large crypto exchanges. The listing brings the asset to the over 4 million users of the Bistamp exchange.

The Shiba Inu listing followed the listing procedures on exchanges. First, deposits and withdrawals had been opened on the platform but users were unable to place any trades in the meantime.

Thursday, December 9th, will mark the proper listing of the cryptocurrency on the exchange as users will be able to start posting orders from 8:00 AM UTC. However, these orders will not be executed after positing but gives users the option.

For the next stage, order matching will be activated and posted trades will be executed but this will only work for limit orders. This will begin at 12:00 AM UTC.

Shiba Inu price chart from
SHIB consolidates below $0.00004 | Source: SHIBUSD on

The final phase of the listing will be full trading. This will happen when the orders books have accumulated sufficient liquidity. At which point Bitstamp will open all the order types and enable card purchases for all new trading pairs.

Robinhood Refuses To Budge

Although the Shiba Inu community has welcomed all of the recent developments in the way of exchange listings, one platform’s listing that is the most anticipated is Robinhood. The petition created by the SHIB community to get the trading app to list the meme coin has so far garnered more than 540,000 signatures and yet there is no sign from Robinhood regarding the listing.

Hopes had spiked when the trading platform had sent out a survey asking customers what cryptocurrencies they purchased the most, including Shiba Inu in the list. The community saw this as a sign that Robinhood was considering listing the meme coin.

Christine Brown, COO, of Robinhood, had dashed these hopes when she stated that the platform was not in a rush to add any new cryptocurrencies for trading on the platform. Nevertheless, the community remains hopeful as a listing on Robinhood will put Shiba Inu on equal footing with leading meme coin Dogecoin.

Source: Bitcoinist