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Adidas Originals & Coinbase Strike Partnership, But Keep Details Vague

The Adidas brand Adidas Originals has announced it has made a foray into the world of crypto – with a purposely obscure tweet about a partnership with the American exchange heavyweight Coinbase.

With a cryptic bent, the brand wrote:

“We’ve partnered with Coinbase. Probably nothing.”

Coinbase replied with the popular crypto community greeting “gm” (shorthand for good morning), and tagged Adidas Originals, writing: “Welcome to the party, partner!”

The move comes just days after Adidas Originals teamed up with metaverse player The Sandbox, buying a 144-parcel space in the game’s virtual space, with a map description explaining:

“Adidas Originals is diving into the Metaverse and headed for the Sandbox with our first immersive and always-on virtual experience. Join us as we take our first steps into this brave new world of originality.”

The Sandbox responded by tweeting, with reference to phrases used in Adidas marketing:

“Impossible is nothing in the Metaverse. What if we invite all of the original thinkers and do-ers to design our future together?”

After the tweet, SAND crypto token surges 25%.

Some observers have suggested the Coinbase partnership may be linked with Adidas Orginals’ The Sandbox move, with others on Twitter suggesting that the sportswear-maker may be looking to launch a non-fungible token (NFT)-based line of virtual clothing to be used in metaverse spaces – with Coinbase acting as a marketplace.

Source: Cryptonews