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Cross Chain Farming is live on PolyDEX

Cryption Network has pledged to offer better and better services to the community and promises to always deliver. The team behind the platform is grateful for the support and the tremendous engagement the launch of PolyDEX saw. To show appreciation for the community’s constant engagement and unwavering trust, Cross-chain farming would be live on PolyDEX.

Cryption Network will use the cross-chain interoperability of PolyDEX to launch first-ever cross-chain farming services unlike ever seen before in the entire crypto space. PolyDEX enables cross-chain interoperability between different blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Matic networks.

With the launch of cross-chain farming, Cryption will offer better and more diversified rewards in different blockchains networks.

What’s so special about Cross-Chain Farming?

Cross-chain capabilities are one of the biggest advantages of the decentralized finance and blockchain world as it enables users to choose and select the services they desire. Cryption Network aims to offer the cross-chain capabilities of the crypto ecosystem to farmers to offer them the ability to Farm on Polygon while being on Ethereum.

Cryption Network will utilize Matic’s PoS bridge to easily and quickly transfer ETH to Polygon from Ethereum. You can also split Ethereum into a respective liquidity pair to diversify their earnings. For instance, 1 ETH can be split into CNT/MATIC pairs for 0.5 ETH worth $CNT and 0.5 ETH worth MATIC. Moreover, users can farm the liquidity pair to get LP tokens and farm them in a single click, making it one of the most efficient cross-chain farming protocols.

With the launch of Cross-Chain Farming, Cryption Network has raised the bar for AMM exchanges high and will not stop. Cryption Network has always worked towards creating a simplified Defi experience for retail investors and promoting crypto adoption. The launch of cross-chain farming is one step in the right direction.

Source:Crypto Daku