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$BACON Farm is Now Live!

After months of preparation the team behind the Bacon platform is excited to announce that the $BACON farm has started.

The farm is a $BACON-$USDC LP farm and will be used by aspiring BaconDAO members to stake $BACON in order to receive a BaconDAO membership NFT and thus gain access to the BaconDAO content. The content that is unlocked will depend on which NFT members have stake for. There’s a total of three NFTs; Purple, Gold and Platinum, with purple being the lowest tier and platinum being the highest. For more information on what content each tier unlocks check out the blog post below

BaconDAO NFT Tickets and Membership tiers!

Membership Tier Pricing

Purple: 0.0005 BACON-USDC-LP (~$500)

Gold: 0.0015 BACON-USDC-LP (~$1500)

Platinum: 0.0030 BACON-USDC-LP (~$3000)

Remember the price can change slightly so you need to make sure you have enough LP tokens. So if you want the purple membership, make sure you have 0.0005 LP tokens.

The exact price of each tier will depend on the value of $BACON. Above is a ballpark estimation of what each tier should cost.

The totals above would be split into both $BACON and $USDC. For example, to obtain the purple membership NFT you would have to provide liquidity with $250 BACON and $250 USDC for a total of $500 in LP tokens. You then take those LP tokens and stake them in the farm!

Use this link to provide liquidity on Uniswap and obtain the LP tokens:

Click here —–> Uniswap Interface 14

How to stake for BaconDAO Membership

Use this guide to help you stake your LP tokens are recive your membership NFT

BaconDAO Farm UI Walkthrough – How to Stake for Membership NFTs

Accessing exclusive Discord content

The BaconDAO Discord server will be gated 24 hours from now. Once gated, members will need one of the membership NFTs as stated above in order to access the content in the respective tiers.

To unlock the content you MUST connect your metamask to Discord. Do this by typing ‘!join’ in the #bot-spam channel and follow the instructions. Once you have staked and linked to discord you do not need to do anything else, you will keep your membership until you unstable from the farm!

Go to Farm App: 181

For more infomation about BaconDAO, click any of the links below:

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