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Amonica Brands acquires Prosper and the Prosper Token(PROS)

Animoca Brands officially announced today that it has acquired the Prosper platform and its assets including the token reserve of Prosper Tokens (PROS) within Prosper’s possession.

Prosper is a non-custodial cross-chain prediction market and hedging platform that allows people to make predictions about the outcomes of various events.

PROS is the ERC-20 native utility token of the Prosper platform, where it is used for governance, creating custom prediction pools, prediction insurance, commission rate discounts, and other functions.

PROS is currently listed on the Binance exchange and Uniswap and is available for the Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. Following the acquisition, PROS will also be made available on Sushiswap and Pancake Swap.

Prosper taps into the wisdom of crowds effect, the idea that large numbers of people are collectively more accurate at predicting outcomes than individual subject experts.

The Amonica brands which has published broad portfolio of several top products considers Prosper to be a strategic acquisition that offers potentially synergistic use cases for Prosper’s prediction services for Animoca Brands’ games and NFT-based products.

Animoca Brands also believes that PROS has strong potential to provide added utility to some of the company’s GameFi projects, including offering prediction markets for NFT ecosystems and metaverses as well as other added utility. Some examples include making predictions on the resolution of events and outcomes such as voting for token holders and DAOs, effectively acting as a decentralized “oracle” service.

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