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Latest Events in the Crypto Industry Multichain Bridge to Support Ethereum is a Polkadot parachain able to deploy NFT products and services to any supported blockchain including Facebook’s upcoming Diem. 

Through its pioneer application editor, removes entry barriers for entrepreneurs, developers, product makers and projects by allowing the creation of NFT DApps using no-code tools.

The is proud to announce that Ethereum is joining the list of blockchains supported by our multi-chain NFT bridge. You can already use the bridge demo to move non-fungible tokens between, Ethereum, and other chains.

About Ethereum

Ethereum is home to the world’s largest dApp ecosystem, and the vast majority of NFT transactions still take place on this blockchain, in spite of the emerging competition from other chains like BSC, Avalanche, Elrond, and Solana. As it transitions to Eth 2.0, Ethereum will become vastly more scalable, solving the current issue of high NFT minting fees. When that happens, will be ready with extra-fast asset transfers and full support for Ethereum-compatible NFT dApps.

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