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Splinterlands Conquers Gaming Dapp Charts

Splinterlands, the Hive-based trading card play-to-earn opportunity, has seen a tremendous increase in players in the past 7 days. Recording more than 200,000 unique active wallets in a week, the game now ranks second in the overall DappRadar Games ranking.

Splinterlands has had a good run since it launched its SPS governance token in early August. With the rise in players, an expected increase in the number of processed transactions also occurred. The platform went through more than 10 million transactions in a week.

Splinterlands recorded a bigger userbase for the past 7 days following this increase in unique active wallets compared to industry leaders like for example Mobox and Axie Infinity. This is a significant achievement, especially considering the fact that the game operates on Hive, and not one of the more established blockchains like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.  

Excitement is overwhelming within the Splinterlands fan community. This is the most massive spike in numbers since the game launched. Not only that, but this level of activity also means that the market cap valuation of the game, measured in the value of all game cards, is now around $200 million.

This is great news for Splinterlands founders. They have been patiently awaiting the moment when the game will hit its peak. In addition, as more players join the game, the play-to-earn mechanics will become more profitable. 

In a recent tweet, the official Splinterlands account announced that more than half a million cards are now rented out through the marketplace. This brings the owners of the cars a combined revenue of around $50,000 per day.

Source: DappRader