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Colizeum to launch Upcoming IDO on OccamRazer

Blockchain ESports platform Colizeum will be the latest IDO partner to join the OccamRazer decentralized launchpad, as an Occelerator incubator project. Colizeum provides cloud-based tokenized tournaments, prediction markets, and a global attention marketplace for blockchain-games — all brought together on the Cardano blockchain.

Colizeum is the most recent project to be built by Beetroot Lab, the team behind the ‘Dystopia: Contest of Heroes’ mobile strategy game. With over one million downloads across iOS and Android, Dystopia features Conor McGregor as its leading character and major backer of the video game franchise. Dystopia also recently received the “Best Strategy Game of 2020” award by Huawei AppGallery marketplace.

Colizeum will leverage the functionality of Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs), and their secure and cost-effective nature, to mint in-game items as NFTs for games affiliated with the platform. Through a native SDK for Cardano dApps, Colizeum will become an attractive monetization destination for blockchain game developers building through Cardano decentralized applications.

Davis Ziedins, General Manager of Colizeum, says:

“The Beetroot Lab team has been exploring a blockchain solution for some time, and we finally settled on Cardano as the most promising layer-1 solution. Our full-featured ecosystem for blockchain-enabled gaming requires access to the fastest and least expensive transactions, and through’s Occelerator program we have identified how this can be made a reality on Cardano.”

Colizeum will also provide in-game wallet functionality for interaction with CNTs, utilizing Cardano as its go-to layer-1 blockchain — offering faster and cheaper payments, and improved functionality than other blockchain game platforms have been able to offer to date. The first game to adopt these Cardano-based components will be Dystopia: Contest of Heroes.

Mark Berger, President of the Occam Association, says:

“The Beetroot Lab team have already made a leading mobile game through Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, played the world over and supported by UFC champion Conor McGregor. Now, they’re expanding their reach and fanbase into building out the most exciting ESports destination for Cardano, and we’re delighted to host their IDO on OccamRazer.”

Colizeum will make its debut through a worldwide tournament for Dystopia: Contest of Heroes, welcoming some one million contestants in the first mass-tournament in blockchain mobile gaming. Prizes and tournament details to be released soon by the Colizeum team.

Source:Crypto Daku