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Famous Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka Shows Interest in Dogecoin

After being involved in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the professional tennis player Naomi Osaka has now set her sight towards cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, it is not Bitcoin (BTC) that grabbed her attention the most but Dogecoin (DOGE).

The trend around the meme coin— Dogecoin seems to be still circling as another prominent name has showed interest in it. During an interview with Bloomberg, the tennis superstar – Naomi Osaka – made it known that she and her agent talked about digital assets recently. However, the 23-year-old defending US Open champion asserted that DOGE grabbed her attention even before that discussion:

“I was actually just talking with my agent about cryptocurrencies. I know that online, everything is getting bigger. I remember reading about Dogecoin … there’s going to be something new and interesting that’s going to pop up.”

Osaka pointed out that athletes, in general, can not play their sports for a lifetime. With the knowledge of that, they should think ahead and find the right investment instruments once they retire from the field.

“As athletes, our career isn’t that long, and so I just like being very smart with it. I like when my agent tells me there are opportunities. And in a weird way, I like to fail a little bit because it makes you understand what didn’t work and why.”

Despite starting as a joke, Dogecoin is presently one of the leading digital assets by market capitalization. Naomi Osaka is not the only popular person to demonstrate her sympathy towards it. It goes without saying that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk arguably stands out the most like the person who periodically agitates in favor of the meme coin.

While stating that transactions with Bitcoin and Ethereum are slow, Tesla’s CEO praised Dogecoin as an alternative. Later on, during the B Word Event, the billionaire revealed that he has personally invested in the Shiba Inu-inspired cryptocurrency.

Osaka Dived Also into The NFT Craze

Asides Dogecoin, the tennis superstar has also shown interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as she recently unveiled her own collection.

Osaka also joined the advisory board of Tom Brady’s NFT Platform – Autograph, where she released her second collection of non-fungible tokens last week.

The legendary quarterback planned to bring together notable names from various industries, including sports, fashion, pop culture, and entertainment by launching the initiative. His idea seems to work since Tiger Woods, and Tony Hawk joined the platform apart from Osaka.