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Theos.Fi Announces Final IDO Details

The Theos team is excited to announce the details of it’s upcoming IDO! THEOS has been incubated by Cardano DeFi powerhouse, and will soon carry out it’s IDO on their launchpad, OccamRazer!


Start date: September 1st 2021

Start time: 16:00 UTC / 18:00 PM CEST / 00:00 GMT + 8

IDO price: $0.0089

IDO tokens available: 39,000,000 $THEOS

IDO amount (USD): Soft-cap: $180,000, Hard-cap: $350,000

Registration opens: August 25th, 16:00 UTC/ 18:00 CEST

Registration ends: August 2021 31st, 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CEST

As a token of appreciation to the community, Theos would be supporting’s Continuous Ecosystem Diversification (CED) community rewards program, making CED rewards available for those who stake over 150 OCC tokens before the deadline. You can check’s Medium article to learn more about the CED program.

CED reward distribution will be as follows:

CED staking deadline cutoff (OCC token): 4 days / 28th August 2021.

CED rewards available: 200,000 USD worth of THEOS tokens — roughly 24,000,000 THEOS. Half of the available CED rewards will be claimable two weeks after the end of IDO, while the other half will be unlocked five months after the IDO ends (final distribution information available in the OccamRazer interface)

Participating in the IDO

In order to participate in the THEOS IDO you will need to be whitelisted, and for that, you’ll need to fulfil some requirements and go through a series of steps. Users will be whitelisted according to their tiers and random selection criteria, according’s participation guidelines.

To Enter the Whitelisting Process you will need to:

-Pass the KYC Process.

-All purchases completed through OccamRazer require successful KYC. To participate, ensure that you have passed the KYC process beforehand.

-Purchase OCC and register for THEOS

-Purchase and stake the required amount of OCC (at least 150 OCC) based on the requirement of OccamRazer’s system to increase your participation chance in the IDO — you can head over to their Tier Medium Article for a detailed explanation. Then, head over to, connect your MetaMask wallet, click on THEOS’ tab, and follow the steps to register.

-Complete Whitelisting
Complete the three steps to participate in the IDO. Participation is random based on OccamRazer’s tier system and cannot be guaranteed.

Note: Until OccamRazer is deployed on Cardano mainnet, you will need some Ether (ETH) for gas to carry out the OCC staking process.

Beware of Scams

Be cautious and follow THEOS official social media channels for the official updates about the IDO. Do NOT attempt to purchase $THEOS before the official listing announcement.

You can contact the team’s community admins on Telegram and Discord, but THEOS team members will never reach out first on any platform.

The THEOS team is delighted to welcome members into it’s growing community. For more updates about THEOS, kindly follow on social media platforms

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Telegram Official Community —

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Please note that THEOS would also be making it’s tokenomics public in the following days!

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