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Do you know what staking function is?

It’s a way of earning IOI tokens for holding NFT cars.You can look at the rewards in the table below:

With the NFT burn we made, the rarity of our cars increased by a lot! The remaining cars are now more rare and unique, also because of their staking function.

There is good news for every holder of an NFT car with staking. You will NOT lose this fantastic feature.

If you own an NFT or buy a new one with a staking function until the 31st of August 2021, the staking function will stay.

You can earn IOI tokens daily as a result of the level of tier. You can earn this way, but you have to keep your NFT car in your Trade Race Manager account. If you withdraw the car, the staking feature will be gone.

If you are asking if it will pay off, let’s have a quick check. If you will play regularly and stake, you can get up to 24% APY.

The staking function will be available until the end of August 2021, so there are 14 days left!

Don’t think too long and get one of the classic NFTs for yourself NOW!

Source:Crypto Daku