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Weekly Crypto Wrap: All that transpired in cryptocurrency in the last 7 days

It was clearly the week of altcoins surging way past the cryptocurrency market formen Bitcoin and Ethereum to make a substantial mark.

While Bitcoin ($49,235) saw a 7-day rise of 5.67 percent and Ethereum ($3,236) rose just 0.03 percent in the same time, altcoins like Cardano ($2.53) recorded a weekly jump of 17.47 percent, along with Cardano ($2.53) which spiked 17.47 percent, Polkadot ($27.72) which peaked 23.02 percent, Solana ($74.52), which rose almost 64.85 percent and Terra ($27.94), which hiked 63.44 percent.

In fact, Cardano, with a current market cap of 80,559,983,767 dollars overtook Binance Coin’s market capitalization ($75,750,693,612) as the third biggest cryptocurrency after Ethereum and Bitcoin.

This is mostly thanks to its upcoming Alonzo upgrade, which will incorporate smart contracts, opening a range of applications like DeFi, NFTs, automated lending, and more and giving stiff competition to peers like Ethereum.

Closer home, crypto adoption in India is exponentially growing, with the country ranking second, succeeded by Vietnam amidst the countries that make a lion’s share of cryptocurrency usage, with 9 percent of the respondents claiming to utilize cryptocurrency, per market research firm Finder.

In fact, all five leading nations in terms of bitcoin ownership are located in Asia. Bitcoin (16 percent) is the most popular coin, followed by Ethereum and Bitcoin cash (6 percent) and Ripple (8 percent).

While men (32 percent) take precedence over women (23 percent) in terms of possession, young adults (32 percent) aged between 18-24 when it comes to cryptocurrency ownership. Young adults lead the way with 32% of those aged 18-24 have invested in cryptocurrency.

Source: Cryptonews