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Circus Partners with Dfyn Network!

Cirus is pleased to announce our partnership with DFYN — the leading multi-chain DEX. Dfyn is the world’s first gasless AMM exchange with over $250 million in TVL (total value locked) on the Polygon Network and over $2 billion in traded volume. With such a robust offering and truly unique technology, Dfyn is the perfect partner to kick off our DeFi integrations.

The farming event is step 1 of a multi-stage integration with Dfyn, opening access to future features of the Cirus Platform for early adopters.

In keeping with Cirus’ focus on Layer 2 solutions, Dfyn’s leading-edge ecosystem will enable Cirus token holders to take advantage of high returns by committing (pre-staking) their tokens during a pre-defined window.

This is one of several partnerships that will connect Cirus users with DeFi opportunities, ultimately enabling users to re-commit their data revenue for increased earning potential. The farming opportunity is an early-access program for the Cirus Platform, which will allow seamless connections into multiple DeFi avenues, Network Support and fiat offramps.

Stay tuned! Further details to follow on how to participate!



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