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BaconDAO Token Set To Launch This Month

BaconDAO is excited to announce the launch of the $BACON Token.

Here is the timeline for our token launch:

SHO on Infinity Pad – August 24th – 26th

IEO on 4 – August 25th-26th

Listing on Uniswap & PancakeSwap shortly after

We are extremely grateful to our BaconDAO community and all the supporters for being so vocal in their excitement about the $BACON token launch. To you we say, THANK YOU.

Thank you for your patience as we waited for the crypto market to stabilize before we launched. Although we don’t know how the market will react in the next 3 weeks; we believe that August 2021 is the perfect time for us to finally launch the BACON token.

Why Infinity Pad instead of DAO Maker?

Infinity Pad is DAO Maker’s sister launchpad on BSC, which aims to be the dominant launchpad on Binance Smart Chain. As token launches on BSC and PancakeSwap typically receives higher trading volume and attention, we want to capitalize on this opportunity.

We hope our members will understand and support us with this decision. We have more partnerships that will be announced in the coming weeks so, please be on the lookout for them. Once again, thank you and we’re excited to finally launch the $BACON token.

BaconDAO (BACON) is a grassroots guild for collaborative learning and investing in Cryptocurrencies. The mission of the organization is to create the largest and most knowledgeable Crypto community, harnessing its group knowledge to help members learn and profit from Cryptocurrencies.

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