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TradeStars to deploy Mainnet, Olympic Torch, on 31st August

TradeStars Mainnet will be powered by the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain and will allow users to trade digital assets that represent real-life events and athletes’ performances.

The Mainnet will support crypto payments and to start with only USDT deposits for Stock Purchases. Right from launch, users will be able to withdraw crypto currencies (USDT) from their TradeStars wallets, in order to purchase and trade the fantasy shares of their favourite athletes.

Early User Benefits

We’ll announce the Warm Up Rewards Campaign Winners of our Testnet Program on the day of the mainnet launch. We will introduce several referral programs and reward campaigns to convey our sincerest gratitude and support of our community.

Before we conclude, let’s quickly remind you that the launch date is just about two weeks away and we promise it’s going to be better than you could ever imagine. So, gear up and join is for the most-awaited mainnet launch on August 31.

Keep a close eye on the announcement channel for more updates.

Source:Crypto Daku