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The Cosmos Event — First Look and Walkthrough

Welcome to The Cosmos Event, where you will get an early look at our game.

We are pleased to provide the first peek at our game SUPER GALACTIC.

In a few weeks, you will be able to farm Plasma Points, which will be the first step before you as a player can enter and earn money from UFO’s first blockchain gameverse, Super Galactic.

Super Galactic is the first of many games to be released as part of our vast ecosystem.

Detailed articles, documentation, and guides will be released as we approach the cosmos (DAPP) and Super Galactic release.

Super Galactic (Coming Q4)

Our dynamic NFT based economic system allows players to earn money (P2E) while playing Super Galactic. Super Galactic is a decentralized game with NFT collection and an auto battler built on Ethereum network and integrated with a hyper scalable Polygon L2 solution. To play Super Galactic, you need a playable character. These are the NFTs called UFOeps. To get UFOeps, you must first farm Plasma Points from the Cosmos.

The Secrets of The Cosmos

The first phase of the cosmos in the Super Galactic DAPP will allow you to farm Plasma Points with $UFO tokens.

To understand the process, you need to know our different tokens.

$UFO, Plasma Points, and $UAP.

1. $UFO is the primary token in the ecosystem. It will be the connector between everything $UFO. For example, to play the first game in the ecosystem, Super Galactic, you will first need to stake UFO or UFO/ETH LP in The Cosmos.

2. From The Cosmos (staking DAPP), you will earn Plasma Points. You will need plasma Points to buy soldiers (UFOeps) to play the game.

3. $UAP is the third token. To fuse (breed) soldiers within the game, UAP is required. This can be earned through daily quests and missions in Super Galactic.

First, you need to stake $UFO or $UFO-ETH LP in the Super Galactic DAPP. This will generate Plasma Points (PP).

The second phase of The Cosmos will start shortly after phase 1. This will allow players to mint Origin NFTs.

With the Plasma Points, you can generate rare NFTs called Origin UFOeps. These NFTs are needed to play Super Galactic. They will essentially be the first character to roam our gameverse.

Origin NFTs produced during the cosmos have some unique characteristics. They are stronger and more qualified to have better ratings that help them perform efficiently against other alien races than other UFOeps.

Each NFT has a specific in-game rating that changes daily. This rating determines how much UAP the NFT can earn and how strong their children would be.

Don’t worry. We will have comprehensive articles that will explain every single detail before Super Galactic is released.

The first phase of the cosmos event

Phase 1 of The Cosmos Event will allow the #UFOARMY to access the Super Galactic DAPP website in a couple of weeks.

As you enter the cosmos staking DAPP for Super Galactic, you will have the choice between joining two different pools to earn Plasma Points.

1. Single-staking $UFO pool

2. UFO/ETH LP pool

The first option, single-staking $UFO pool, only requires you to stake $UFO tokens. The APY rewards for this pool will be lower.

The second option, UFO/ETH LP pool, requires you to add UFO/ETH liquidity. The APY rewards will be more significant with this option.

We will also have a detailed guide on how to get UFO/ETH(UNI-V2) LP Tokens shortly.

Staking DAPP preview

The Super Galactic DAPP will be the main hub for staking UFO tokens to earn Plasma Points, mint NFTs and to get a general overview.

See you in-game, #UFOARMY. 👽🖖

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