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Get to know the Game — In Game Series 2 — Gold Mining

Gold Fever is as rewarding as it is fun. As a player, you’ll have different professions and ways to monetize your gaming experience. You’ll be able to become a successful virtual entrepreneur without having to leave the comfort of your gaming chair or sofa!

You’ll be capable of fulfilling your wildest fantasy of becoming a gold mining tycoon. Not only is that one of the most lucrative professions in the game, but it is also fairly simple. If you don’t know where to start do not worry, we’ve gathered all the necessary information so you can bootstrap your career.

In this article, the second in the “Get to know the Game” series, we’ll cover every tip and piece of information related to the gold mining process.

Finding gold

Native Gold ($NGL) is an important component of our game and it can only be found in certain regions of the map known as mining claims. These mining claims contain a set amount of gold, which can be extracted and come inf different shapes such as gold flakes, small gold nuggets, or rare/ultra-rare nuggets.

Players can extract gold using a variety of different tools, including the gold pan and rocker boxes. The gold pan takes less gravel/dirt, therefore you can only pan for a smaller amount of gold. You’ll have to select and use it in different regions, as not every spot contains gold. So move around until you find a juicy spot, and extract as many gold nuggets as possible before moving to the next one.

Rocker boxes, on the other hand, are more expensive but also more efficient. They have an extra downside though, as they are heavy and slow down the movement of your character, making you increasingly vulnerable to attacks.

To use the rocker-box you’ll have to assemble it on land, preferably near a riverbank. From there you’ll need to select the bucket, use it to remove gravel or sand, and fill the rocker box. You’ll also need to fill the rocker box with several buckets of water. Once you’ve completed all of these actions, interact with the rocker box and click the “Process” button. After a couple of seconds, you should find yourself with some extra gold nuggets on your inventory.

To see what other methods of gold extraction are available click here.

Become an entrepreneur

Unlike the majority of play-to-earn games, Gold Fever does not require you to invest in order to make money. There are several servers where you can start out from scratch and slowly build your wealth up.

If you are hungry for success though and have some extra crypto to spend, you can invest in your future career as a gold mining tycoon. You can purchase mining claims, meaning you are the only one authorized to mine a certain portion of the map. This creates interesting possibilities, as you can now form partnerships and hire other players to mine gold on your territory.

You can also cultivate your capitalist tendencies a bit further, as Gold Fever allows items to be rented. Thus, you’ll be able to rent out gold mining equipment to your “employees” and further increase your profit margins.

About Gold Fever

Gold Fever is a challenging free-to-play RPG that leverages the power of the blockchain with the creation of a decentralized economy.

Gold Fever, in its essence, is a thrilling and addictive online multiplayer video game, mirroring the physical world into the digital one and allowing players to take actual ownership of scarce in-game items through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

The Gold Fever economy is a junction of many moving parts that are dynamically adjusted. In Gold Fever, all participants have a seat at the table. Being able to vote and to dictate the future of the game through the governance token. Used for proposals on how to improve/evolve this digital world economy.

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