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Homeowners Offered Crypto-Backed Loans to Finance Home Improvement Projects

Crypto-asset lending firm, Pledge has joined forces with, a construction estimate and management platform, to offer cryptocurrency holders among homeowners quick access to home improvement loans they can take against their digital coins. The two companies have recently signed a partnership agreement.

Pledge emphasized the deal will allow it to provide clients with an opportunity to use their crypto assets as collateral to finance their home improvement projects. “Typically homeowners will take months to get a HELOC or home improvement loans from banks. There are long loan applications to be filled out, banks run credit checks against all borrowers,” the company CEO Tony Y. Chan noted, further elaborating:

For Pledge, loans can be funded in less than 30 seconds. Borrowers do not have to fill out any loan applications, we won’t be doing any credit check or underwriting. Everything is automatic with smart contracts.

“Pledge is a great crypto lending protocol, and with their service, hundreds of our customers (construction companies) can roll out programs like ‘Remodel your kitchen with 0 down’ to their clients,” added George H. Lee, founder and chief executive of, which specializes in providing software services for construction and remodeling companies working for thousands of homeowners. Lee, who believes there’s a huge demand for this kind of offering, stressed:

It can really speed up their decision making process, because most homeowners are house rich, but cash poor.

Pledge and also pointed out that their partnership will connect point of service (POS) loans to blockchain technology. The companies aim to create a “one-stop shop” for those that are interested in both real estate construction and the blockchain space as cryptocurrency investors would be able to borrow without selling their crypto assets to finance their POS loans for home improvement projects.

Although, Pledge and are not the only crypto lenders on the block, as the firms Blockfi and Smartfi also offer loans based on cryptocurrency backing. While Blockfi lets people leverage crypto to borrow money at rates as low as 4.5% APR, Smartfi allows borrowers to obtain fiat or stablecoins for as low as 5.5% APR.

Source: Cryptoslate