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Major U.S. City Mayor Advocates Bitcoin As A Fix For Inflation

U.S. City Mayor, Scott Conger recently posted on Twitter his belief that Bitcoin will fix inflation. His tweet which called out the U.S. federal government consisted of a couple of questions for the government regarding inflation. And then ended with there being only one fix for inflation. Bitcoin.

It’s no secret that the inflation rate for the U.S. has gone up tremendously these past years. Current forecasts put the inflation rate for the U.S. at 6.35 for the next two years. And Mayor Conger pointed this out in his tweet.

Conger pointed out that in his 37 years on Earth, U.S. inflation had gone up 172.8%. The mayor called on citizens to demand more from the federal government. Pointing out that with each passing year, the dollar is worth even less.

Conger’s Blockchain Task Force

Conger who is a millennial has always been a staunch advocate for bitcoin adoption. At 35, Conger became the youngest mayor of the City of Jackson, Tennessee. Beating out his opponent Jerry Woods by over 3,000 votes.

Mayor Conger has never hidden his support for the digital asset. Back in April, Conger announced via Twitter that he would be forming a Blockchain Task Force. This, he said, will help to explore how to best position the City of Jackson for the future.

In the same vein, the mayor had also partnered with Black Wall Street. And he currently has a picture of him with laser eyes as his profile picture on Twitter. An image that has come to be synonymous with Bitcoin maximalists.

Bitcoin chart from

According to Conger, the digital asset will bring more opportunities to his constituents and would provide more options.

Conger is quoted earlier saying; It’s so refreshing to hear governments discussing different ways to finance things. Besides ‘we’re going to raise your property taxes,’ or ‘we’re going to implement this fee.’ If we can find another way to do it, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

Constituents To Pay Property Taxes In Bitcoin

Mayor Scott Conger further explained that his Blockchain Task Force is currently looking into ways for the city to accept bitcoin payments. Apparently, the City of Jackson is working on ways for their employees to be able to pay property taxes in Bitcoin.

The news has so far been received positively in the community. Users took to Twitter to show their support of the proposal under the mayor’s tweets. Although there are worries about fees. And other have pointed out that this should be expanded to other cryptos at some point in the future.

While it is still a ways away, prominent figures accepting digital assets is always welcome news in the crypto space. If Mayor Conger successfully implements this in his city, then there’s no telling just how many other cities will follow suit.

Source: Bitcoinist