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MMACOIN, LLC Launches First Cryptocurrency for the Entire Mixed Martial Arts Industry

MMACOIN, LLC is proud to announce MMACOIN™ ($MMA), a deflationary charity-focused cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), for investors, fighters and fans of the MMA industry worldwide. MMACOIN, LLC believes this cryptocurrency token will dominate the industry with its best-in-class tokenomics, renowned token development team, professional core management team, top-notch sponsorships, creative fighter NFTs and extensive charitable giving.

A portion of every non-merchant transaction of $MMA will contribute to:

  • Children’s charities (especially mixed martial arts based charities) 
  • $MMA token liquidity, which is locked for life 
  • Existing $MMA token holder’s wallets via frictionless yield (simply by holding $MMA you will proportionally earn more $MMA as other parties transact with the token) 
  • The elimination of circulating tokens or the “burning” of tokens ($MMA is deflationary) 
  • The ongoing success of our NFTs, marketing efforts, token development, exchange listings, integrations, promotions, and more

MMACOIN’s NFT program will help sponsored fighters and other athletes create and mint their own NFT collection, which will be available for sale, as well as through MMACOIN™ promotions.

$MMA is decentralized (for the people) and not exclusively tied to any single fight promotion company. This allows MMACOIN™ to be ubiquitous across the industry. 

$MMA holders will periodically receive an airdrop of the $MMARewards token, which will be redeemable in the MMACOIN™ merchandise store.

The MMACOIN™ team plans to make their vision “to become the official cryptocurrency of MMA” a reality, including an extensive NFT program, MMACOIN™ merchandise store and ultimately a form of payment for the industry.