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Ford’s Lincoln Leaves Door Open for Gasoline Amid Electric Push

Ford Motors Co.’s Lincoln luxury line is accelerating its electric vehicle strategy and plans to offer plug-ins throughout its lineup by 2030 — but the automaker is also hedging its bets by keeping gas-burners in the showroom.

Lincoln will introduce its first all-electric model next year. By 2026, it expects half of its global volume to be gas-electric hybrids and vehicles that run only on batteries, with the selection ramping up from there. The remainder will be gasoline-only vehicles.

The strategy contrasts with the all-electric strategy General Motor Co.’s Cadillac laid out this year. Lincoln says it will give customers what they want.

“We don’t feel behind at all,” Joy Falotico, Lincoln’s president, said in an interview. “Some gasoline and hybrids may still be transitioning in 2030 and I believe other makers have come back and said that after the fact, but we’re saying it all up front.”

Source: Bloomberg