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Registration for HECO Node Election Exceeds 300 Parties

HECO, a decentralized, EVM-compatible public chain, announced today that the HECO Mainnet node election registration has already exceeded 300 parties and individuals, including professional institutions and companies. 

Why have so many participants registered for this election? The high financial returns can be seen to stand as a leading reason. 50% of all transaction fees of HECO is projected to be equally distributed to each master node, while 40% is distributed by the HT quantity locked by 21 mater nodes. The remaining 10% is distributed by the HT quantity locked by backup nodes. Once participants have entered the campaign, they can obtain rewards through a myriad of sources.

Another major milestone is that HECO chain has to this point, recorded approximately 8.67 million addresses with 386 million transactions on the platform, and has generated more than 5 million blocks. Over 80 decentralized applications are currently running on the chain. The outstanding performance of HECO chain in its open beta testing also captured institutions’ and users’ attention and curiosity. 

As one of Huobi’s leading projects, HECO chain takes advantage of Huobi group’s advanced resources to reinforce its construction. The improvement of the infrastructure of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) strengthens the robustness and usability of the system. In short, the HECO node election is a good choice for participants to be involved in this space.

“At this stage, the focus is on ensuring the success of the HECO Mainnet node election. We believe that complete infrastructure facility and appropriate governance framework are the prerequisites to the ecological construction of HECO chain,” stated Leo Su, the head of HECO. “While the long-term goal of HECO is to enable traditional business operating smoothly on this chain and promote the healthy, sustainable development of blockchain industry, our journey is just beginning. All global institutions and users are welcomed to participate.”

About Main Nodes:

Tasked with making good operating decisions, the major nodes will be deeply inseparable from the ecological system and materially accelerate the construction of HECO chain. Blockchain technology and governance structures are naturally compatible, so if every node performs well within the governance framework, the ecosystem will be successful. 

About HECO

HECO is an EVM-compatible public blockchain that provides blockchain developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment for decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and digital assets.

Source: Heco Chain