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Huobi Launches Blockchain Assets Center to Manage and Select Digital Assets

Huobi Group, the world’s leading blockchain company, today announced the launch of Huobi Blockchain Assets Center, a new business unit dedicated to managing asset listings and providing projects with a more streamlined listing process. Huobi Blockchain Assets Center, along with departments working in conjunction with the center, will be responsible for all Huobi Global’s asset management tasks, including token listings and delistings, investment incubation, asset research and assessment, project services, new ventures, and operations.

One of the biggest obstacles blockchain and crypto projects face when listing their token on digital asset exchanges is a convoluted listings process. Many exchanges—even the biggest ones in the industry—don’t have standardized listing procedures, as there are several factors to consider based on the different types of projects, decentralized technologies, and token economics available. Most projects are still vetted independently, which can take weeks or even months to complete. 

With the Blockchain Assets Center, Huobi is providing projects with a standardized and streamlined way to list their assets on Huobi Global. The new business unit aims to select high-quality digital assets for Huobi Global users and provide full lifecycle services and management for assets listed or set to be listed on Huobi Global—helping lead the industry toward greater compliance and standardization. The process also strengthens Houbi’s security protocols and reduces the risk of insider trading or front running.

Huobi Blockchain Assets Center’s processes include:

  • Project Identification. The Huobi-certified business and asset evaluation team will collect information from the team, including project information, core team information, contract code information, security audit reports, legal opinions, official foundation registration documents, etc. 
  • Internal Assessment. The Huobi Blockchain Assets Center will serve as an evaluation sector to assess blockchain projects from multiple aspects, including the technology, the backgrounds of the core development team, the token economy, business models, compliance risks, and more. 
  • Project Evaluation. The Huobi Blockchain Assets Center will examine a project’s reputation by engaging with the community and community stakeholders, if necessary, to better understand any potential issues with a particular project. The internal assessment and project evaluation processes will be completed within seven days upon receipt of completed materials. Projects that pass these steps will be put on a watch list. 
  • Project Launch. Once on the watch list, the Huobi Blockchain Assets Center team will confirm the details with the project contact and start preparing for the launch of the project. The final launch time is subject to notification, which is typically 2 to 3 hours prior to launch. 
  • Project Investment. Huobi Blockchain Assets Center is committed to the growth of both established and emerging projects through ongoing investments, incubation, and advisory. 

A key component of the new Huobi Blockchain Assets CenterHuobi Ventures Blockchain Fundpartners with early-stage projects with long-term growth potential to shape the DNA of their businesses through:

  • Coaching and Advisory. Huobi provides teams with individualized coaching and advisory services to help prime them for success and overcome roadblocks. 
  • Community Marketing. Huobi supports community building and community management and shares branding and marketing expertise to help projects reach diverse, global audiences. 
  • Technical Guidance. Huobi’s technical teams consult early-stage projects on infrastructure development and technical implementations as part of an expansive go-to-market plan.

To ensure quality, all projects considered for the Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund program go through the same extensive vetting process as projects listing through the Huobi Blockchain Assets Center. 

The Huobi Blockchain Assets Center will be led by Ciara Sun, VP of Global Business and Head of Listing at Huobi Group, who will work with a global team of partners on the project. “Historically, digital asset listings have been difficult for both new and experienced projects to navigate. After listing hundreds and hundreds of tokens on our global exchange, we understand the nuances of the process and what it takes for a project to have a successful listing,” said Sun. “I’m very excited to be leading this new unit and look forward to working with projects and partners to bring the best assets to our users.”

The launch of the Huobi Blockchain Assets Centerexpands on Huobi’s commitment to user and asset safety as institutional and retail adoption grows. With a strong backend infrastructure and a team of over 500 in-house developers dedicated to maintaining the network and ensuring users’ safety, Huobi is able to maintain unparalleled security during high trading volumes and has not faced a major security incident since its founding. 

To maintain the integrity of its listing processes, Huobi Global does not charge any projects or teams with token listing fees.

About Huobi Group

As a world-leading company in the blockchain industry, Huobi Group was founded in 2013 with a mission to make breakthroughs in core blockchain technology and the integration of blockchain technology to other industries. Huobi Group has expanded into public blockchains, digital assets trading, wallets, mining pools, proprietary investments, incubation, digital asset research, and more. Huobi Group has established a global digital economy industry ecosystem by investing in over 60 upstream and downstream companies in the blockchain industry and has created holistic global digital economy ecology.

Source: Huobi