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Italy Moves to Boost Cybersecurity With New Unit Under Draghi

Italy’s government is speeding up plans to create a new cybersecurity unit directly under Prime Minister Mario Draghi to shield the country’s digital network from criminal attacks.

The new unit will set centralized strategy for cybersecurity and be managed by a committee based in the prime minister’s office, according to a draft seen by Bloomberg News. The cabinet could approve the plan as soon as Thursday.

Rome’s latest moves on security form part of a government push to speed up digitalization and beef up the country’s digital network, at a time when cybersecurity is becoming a top priority for global leaders.

Cyber crimes in Italy increased by 12% in 2020, with a 30% increase in espionage and sabotage, according to a report by Italy’s Clusit association for information security.

The issue will also be on the agenda at the Group of Seven summit in the U.K., as European and U.S. leaders seek coordination on cyber attacks and criminal ransomware networks, many linked to Russia.

Draghi said last month that web interference from Russia was “alarming,” calling for a strengthening of digital security.

Source: Bloomberg