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GTA 6 rumoured to have in-game Bitcoin rewards

New York-based video game publisher Rockstar Games released the iconic GTA 5 almost eight years ago, and we still don’t know when GTA 6 is coming out. But, according to rumors, Bitcoin could play a role in the upcoming title’s in-game economy.

“I heard recently that in GTA 6, some missions will reward you in bitcoin instead of cash for completing some missions. The stock market feature will return, with the addition of a broker for different cryptocurrencies. If GTA 6 incorporates this right, it’s huge for crypto,” said Henderson in a tweet.

As some fans confused his post to be referring to actual Bitcoin, Henderson explained the sequel could feature a fictional cryptocurrency and not the “real” crypto intended for the in-game economy, similar to how the stock market feature is incorporated into GTA 5.

“Just so there’s no confusion, I mean in-game payments of bitcoin,” clarified Henderson, adding his reliable source said the cryptocurrency featured in the game will probably not be called “Bitcoin,” he said.

What does this mean for crypto

Henderson pointed out that incorporating a fictional cryptocurrency into an action-adventure game could be “huge for crypto” which opens a discussion about the impact of such exposure in terms of greater adoption.

“It normalizes cryptocurrencies to people that otherwise might not have had a lot of exposure to them”.

As the crypto space keeps expanding in the profane sphere, authorities are insisting that everyone is playing by their rules.

Source: Cryptoslate