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These Iranian woman are crushing it in crypto

As Iran’s crypto community grows, so does the number of women making their mark on it. Mostly young, self-taught and multi-disciplined, they are swelling the ranks of active traders looking to shield hard-earned savings against local currency inflation and economic uncertainty.

Some of these women are sharing their insights with aspiring crypto investors and even taking advantage of a self-employed flex schedule to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Like other crypto investors, many of these innovators have been burned by the famously volatile, sometimes shady crypto market. But they are all crushing it in their own way.

Narges Moradabadi

The thrill of the trade

Full-time crypto trader and investment adviser Narges Moradabadi first embarked on her crypto journey in 2018, when she took a job heading the digital marketing department at a Tehran-based, crypto-focused firm.

Then last year, with COVID-19 ravaging Iran’s already sanctions-strapped economy, she made the leap to full-time trading; starting small, then scaling up as she taught herself more about a market in which price swings can be so sudden and steep, it birthed the acronym HODL – hold on for dear life.

But for Moradabadi, who studied technology engineering and earned an MBA, the volatility is the best part of it.

“What attracted me the most to trading was how challenging and diverse it is, and how much excitement it brings,” she told Al Jazeera. “You lose track of time at the charts.”

Like all traders, she has profited and lost money on her crypto positions. But she views the losing bets as learning experiences and has leveraged that knowledge to trade in foreign exchange markets as well.

Source: Al Jazeera