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Bitcoin mining firm, Marathon, will stop censoring transactions

Mara Pool, the bitcoin mining pool operated by digital asset technology company, Marathon Digital Holdings, will update its miners to the latest Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 software to signal for Taproot activation, and stop censoring transactions, according to the CEO, Fred Theil.

“Marathon is committed to the core tenets of the Bitcoin community, including decentralization, inclusion, and no censorship,” said Marathon’s CEO. “Over the coming week, we will be updating all our miners to the full standard Bitcoin core 0.21.1 node, including support for Taproot. By adopting the full standard Bitcoin core node, we will be validating transactions on the blockchain in the exact same way as all other miners who use the standard node.”

At the time, Marathon stated that its compliance efforts originated from desire to placate investors and regulators by giving them “peace of mind that the bitcoin we produce is ‘clean’, ethical and compliant with regulatory standards.”

Thiel, who has been in his role as CEO for about a month, appears to be taking Marathon in a new direction.

“We look forward to continue being a collaborative and supportive member of the Bitcoin community and to realizing the vision of Bitcoin as the first decentralized, peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users rather than a central authority or middlemen,” he said.

Thiel also announced that Marathon will signal in favor of the new Taproot upgrade, which will enable improvements to Bitcoin’s scaling, privacy and custody software.

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